Outdated Woocommerce files in theme

This notice comes every time the version number of the current included files is different from the one’s of the stand-alone plugin. The WooCommerce file’s version number changes every time there is a WooCommerce update. In every theme update the latest version of the Woocommerce plugin file’s are included. But […]

I can’t register theme! Error message [Object Object]

This is one of the most usual errors you can get when attempting to register theme! Why it’s happening: The request to get license key validated is served over HTTP instead of HTTPS. In some servers, the content must be served over HTTPS, therefore the request gets blocked; How to […]

Add custom font in June

Find below the three basic steps to follow when adding a new custom font to your June theme: 1. Open the functions.php file and add this code: function cl_custom_fonts( $standard_fonts ){ $my_custom_fonts = array(); $my_custom_fonts[‘kitten’] = array( ‘label’ => ‘kitten’, ‘variants’ => array(‘regular’), ‘stack’ => ‘kitten, sans-serif’, ); $my_custom_fonts[‘font2’] = […]

Update plugins using only the included in theme version

All the included plugins, have extended licenses. This means they can be used by any one purchasing our theme as long as they use the version included in theme folder. You can not update it on your own terms with this type of licence. The rules of the marketplace don’t […]

Add external pages to a One Page layout

The One page feature is a great way to keep a simple one page site. All the information you want to display is concluded in one page and the menu is used to smoothly scroll thru the different sections of the one page site. This is done by adding only […]

Generate the right Google Map link

Some times you add the google map link in your “Google Map” visual composer element and yet the map fails to show up. This is because you have added the wrong url. To generate the right url, please follow these steps: 1-Go to https://www.google.com/maps/ and enter your address in the […]

Link Single Staff to it’s Profile

Link staff Name: To make the staff name a link to it’s profile, please go to file <em>vc_templates\staff.php</em> file and find this line: <code>$output .= ‘<h5>’.esc_html(get_the_title()).'</h5>’;</code> Replace with this: <code>$output .= ‘<a href=”‘.esc_url(get_permalink()).’”><h5>’.esc_html(get_the_title()).'</a></h5>’;</code> Link staff Image: To make the picture a link as well, in the same file find this […]