Display Specular Shop Cart with Left side header

By default the cart icon is not present in the left/right menu style. To add it here as well make the following changes:
1-Edit the header.php file by replacing this line:
< ?php if($header_class == 'header_7') $css_class .= ' pos_'.$cl_redata['header_7_position'].' ' ?>
with this:
< ?php if($header_class == 'header_7'|| class_exists('Woocommerce')) $css_class .= ' pos_'.$cl_redata['header_7_position'].' ' ?>

2-And under the same block of code, add this code too:
< ?php if(class_exists('Woocommerce')): ?>
< ?php get_template_part('includes/view/woocommerce', 'cart'); ?>
< ?php endif; ?>

3-Last, edit the style by adding this code into your custom css box:
a.cart_icon {
padding-left: 130px;
.cart .content {
display: none;
.cart .content a.cart_icon:hover {
display: block !important;

Note: Since this is not a default style, these changes made to file header.php will be overwritten in case of a theme update. So we suggest you to save a backup of it and replace it in the next theme update, to keep the changes.

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