Set focus on Search bar

When clicking on the search icon, it opens the search bar. To put focus in it directly, without having to click twice, do the following: Go to file js/main.js and find this function: function codelessSearchButton(){ “use strict”; $(‘.open_search_button’).click(function(){ if($(‘body’).hasClass(‘open_search’)){ $(‘body’).removeClass(‘open_search’); }else $(‘body’).addClass(‘open_search’); }); edit it to this: function codelessSearchButton(){ “use […]

Import of Dummy Data stops before 100%

There are some reasons that can make the import process not successful. Please make sure to check on these settings: -To have the required access on themes files; -Check the execution time limit. Change it on your server if not long enough to let all dummy data import. Especially when […]

Display Specular Shop Cart with Left side header

By default the cart icon is not present in the left/right menu style. To add it here as well make the following changes: 1-Edit the header.php file by replacing this line: < ?php if($header_class == ‘header_7’) $css_class .= ‘ pos_’.$cl_redata[‘header_7_position’].’ ‘ ?> with this: < ?php if($header_class == ‘header_7’|| class_exists(‘Woocommerce’)) […]

Add +/- signs in WooCommerce Product Review page

This is a feature that has been gone for some times now. Woocommerce intentionally removed the plus and minus signs. To know more regarding it please refer to this article: As the article says: “In WooCommerce 2.3, the quantity increment buttons have been depreciated, as most browsers now support […]

Can’t find the zip file of theme

Wether you are installing theme for the first time or just making an update, you need to go to your Envato account and download theme. Unzip the main folder and you will find these folders inside: -Theme folder(ex: Specular, Tower); -Documentation; -License; -Sliders_Dummy_Data; You can either upload theme folder directly […]

Display all portfolio items in one page

If you do not want to use pagination for your portfolio, but instead want all items displayed in one page. You can do that by editing the file \includes\core\codeless_routing.php Find the lines: if(!function_exists(‘codeless_set_portfolio_query’)){ function codeless_set_portfolio_query() { global $cl_redata; $terms = $cl_redata[‘portfolio_categories’]; $p_per_page = 6; switch($cl_redata[‘portfolio_columns’]){ case ‘1’: $p_per_page = 3; […]

How to enable BBpress forum user profile links?

The Bbpress forum plugin is one of the most used forum plugins. Although it is not included in none of our theme’s packages, you can use it perfectly with our themes. However, you will face the problem of how to access a user profile. Given the fact that the user […]

Missing Style.css file

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a “Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the item is not working, it simply means it has been […]