I can’t register theme! Error message [Object Object]

This is one of the most usual errors you can get when attempting to register theme!
Why it’s happening:
The request to get license key validated is served over HTTP instead of HTTPS. In some servers, the content must be served over HTTPS, therefore the request gets blocked;
How to fix:
Just disable HTTPS and then proceed with registering theme. Then continue to customize theme normally. There will not be any issue importing demo data.

First of all let us explain why this feature was added and then removed.
In first releases of theme, you needed to register theme in order to be able to use it’s features completely. You could register theme only once! But since many of our customers were building a site in a test environment first and then upload it in the destination server, they could not keep using it without registering again. This lead to too many requests to remove the already used purchase code from our database. So in later versions of theme, this restriction was removed altogether.
Now you do not have to register theme to use it! The purchase code is still valid as it is used to register for the support forum. A service you have 6 months included with each purchase.

If you got any question, please write at our support forum.

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