Outdated Woocommerce files in theme

This notice comes every time the version number of the current included files is different from the one’s of the stand-alone plugin.
The WooCommerce file’s version number changes every time there is a WooCommerce update. In every theme update the latest version of the Woocommerce plugin file’s are included. But it can happen that in the time between updates, the Woocommerce plugins gets updated first. So this makes the version of the plugins files to be different from the one’s bundled in theme.

The current version of theme is tested to be fully functional and have no issues with WooCommerce . So apart from the version number, there is nothing different in code. If it is needed any change or theme update to match any major change from the latest WooCommerce update, we will take care of it and release an urgent update.

If you experience any inconvenience with the shop after WooCommerce update, please let us know so we can fix it and update theme as result.

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