Add external pages to a One Page layout

The One page feature is a great way to keep a simple one page site. All the information you want to display is concluded in one page and the menu is used to smoothly scroll thru the different sections of the one page site. This is done by adding only the sections id’s into the menu item’s link field.

But some times, you want to include some other information that is located in another, different page. By adding this external page to the menu, the “One page layout” is not true anymore and the links structure can not be the same. This means, you are trying to use two types of layouts in the same time.

To make it work, you have to perform these two steps:
1-Put full links for the sections in the menu.

2-Disable the “Use menu as one page menu” option in the page’s General Settings > Page Options & Style.

Now you can go on to add more normal pages into the menu and still keep the links to the home page section.

If you have any question or are facing any issue, please contact our support forum. We will be happy to help fixing them.


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