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Some important features of a site you create, are the widgets. They give us pieces of useful information and can be placed all over the site. When importing the dummy data of a demo site, you get all the widgets used in it , pre-created and ready to be used. You only need to drag and drop. For that, always check up the ‘unused widgets’ in your Appearance > Widgets menu (scroll down!).

Or check the list below and copy-paste the shortcodes directly into your website.

Top Header Left:

Widget Shortcode

[icon_text icon="steadysets-icon-heart"]Create your online business with the latest design trends[/icon_text]


Top Header Right:

Widget Shortcode

[icon_text icon="moon-location"]Brooklyn, NY[/icon_text]

Widget Shortcode

[icon_text icon="moon-mail"] [email protected][/icon_text]

Social Widget


Header Widgetized Area

Widget Shortcode

[contact_information light="yes" tel="+114 554 888" addr="20 St Street, New York" email="[email protected]"]


Footer Column 1


<img src="" alt="" style="width:120px;">
<br />
<br />
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Footer Column 2

Recent Posts


Footer Column 3

Recent Comments


Footer Column 4

Widget Flickr

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